• Support and Assistance

    Our Orientation - Vans - Bike guides- Phone assistance and Repair - Rental services

    for your trips everywhere in France

  • Groups Orientation

    In order to start your trip or ride, we offer private orientation packages (45 minutes to 1 hour), in French or in English.


    Meet at the place you want

    Adjusting your bikes and equipment

    Presentation of travel documents

    Tips and answers to all your questions


    And our smile!

    Phone Support & Direct assistance

    Need to entrust your logistics follow-up or emergency management troubleshooting?


    Our experience and our field network allow us to respond to any request for telephone assistance or troubleshooting anywhere in France, in French or in English.


    Behind the phone, another smile!

    Bike guides

    Our CYRPEO bike guides will take you to discover a region and its heritage through specially chosen routes, in French or in English.


    Whatever your practice and level, they will know how to pass on their skills.

    Expert and passionate, they will advise you technically and will make you progress physically.


    And always with a smile!

    Assist van

    To get around in a group and take your bikes with you, discover our 9-seats vehicles equipped with bike racks.


    Ideal support, the choice of a support vehicle will bring you flexibility for your days.


    Our vehicles can also be equipped with a complete picnic equipment, to savor your choice or our choice picnic soil, where you want, and at any time!


    To eat well it's smiling!

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